Document Report

The following list is a list of all available documents provided by the Association of Realtors to its members. The documents are sorted by category and then alphabetically by document name.

Document Name Publish Date File Type
GPR REALTOR Application12/30/2019PDF
2020 GPR Dues12/3/2019PDF
2020 GPR Life Member Application10/9/2018PDF
Affiliate Application/Change form1/24/2019PDF
GPR Affiliate Member Package5/15/2019PDF
Affiliate Directory Brochure5/1/2019PDF
Change Firm Information (Brokers)1/2/2019PDF
REALTOR® Change of Status Form10/16/2018PDF
Greater Piedmont REALTORS® New Firm App9/21/2017PDF
Change of Personal Information Form2/20/2018PDF
Joining Greater Piedmont2/21/2020PDF
NVAR forms Update effective 12/1/201911/18/2019PDF
DPOR COVID19 Temporary Expiration Waiver3/19/2020PDF
Instructions- How to locate your Ed. Credits at DPOR8/3/2009PDF
NAR Free Designations4/10/2020JPG
Property Showing Guidelines6/10/2020PDF
PLE Education Requirements8/1/2018PDF
Broker & CE Education Requirements8/1/2018PDF
Public Policy
2018 Local Government Staff and Leadership4/9/2019PDF
Standing GPR Positions7/25/2018PDF
Legislative Issue Request Form5/25/2018PDF
USDA Map3/19/2018JPG
Greater Piedmont REALTORS®
Annual Meeting Save the Date7/14/2020PNG
Greater Piedmont REALTORS Bylaws 2-20203/30/2020PDF
Conference Room Rental10/4/2017PDF
Greater Piedmont Policy Manual7/7/2020PDF
Greater Piedmont REALTORS® Personnel Manuel10/6/2017PDF
2020 Scholarship Essays6/8/2020PDF
Golf Donation Form5/29/2020PDF
Golfer Registration Form5/29/2020PDF
Golf Sponsorship Form5/29/2020PDF
2021 Bios8/11/2020PDF
A Guide for REALTORS and Their Consumers4/3/2020PDF
Anne Michael Greene6/16/2020JPG
Golf Flyer4/27/2020JPG
Becky Miller6/15/2020JPG
BJ Winar6/15/2020JPG
Dianna Banks6/16/2020JPG
Earnest Money Deposit7/20/2020PDF
Fair Housing Flyer6/24/2020PNG
CARES Act Unemployment FAQs4/3/2020PDF
Virginia Unemployment FAQs4/3/2020PDF
FH Customize6/24/2020OCX
GPR Expense Voucher10/9/2017PDF
Carrie Brown6/16/2020JPG
Jacob McNemar8/10/2020JPG
Kelly Thornton6/15/2020JPG
NAR Coronavirus Adocacy FAQs3/24/2020PDF
Provisions for REALTORS and their Consumers4/3/2020PDF
Steve Gardner6/15/2020JPG
Terrie Owens6/15/2020JPG
Affiliate Tip of the Week format12/13/2019PDF
Ethics and Standards
Ethics Complaint Form10/1/2017PDF
2020 Code of Ethics1/8/2020PDF
Arbitration Request Form10/1/2017PDF
Ethics Complaint Guidelines5/14/2008PDF
Citation Brochure 3-20203/12/2020PDF
Lockbox Violation Complaint Form11/2/2017PDF
Member Benefits
Affiliate Member Benefits2/21/2020PDF
Great in Greater Piedmont2/21/2020PDF
Member Benefits with Virginia REALTORS9/20/2019PDF
Awards/Honor Society
2020 REALTOR Honor Society Application3/23/2020PDF
Education Tracking Sheet3/15/2017PDF
2019 Award Winners3/10/2020PEG
Ombudsman Services
Real Estate Stats
GPR 1Q2020 Graphic5/4/2020PNG
2Q2020 Footprint Infographic8/3/2020PNG
Culpeper Q1-2020 Stats5/1/2020PDF
Fauquier Q1-2020 Stats5/1/2020PDF
Madison Q1-2020 Stats5/1/2020PDF
Rappahannock Q1-2020 Stats5/1/2020PDF
2Q2020 Culpeper Stats8/3/2020PDF
2Q2020 Fauquier Stats8/3/2020PDF
2Q2020 Madison Stats8/3/2020PDF
2Q2020 Rappahannock Stats8/3/2020PDF
Culpeper Q42019 Stats2/4/2020PDF
Fauquier Q42019 Stats2/4/2020PDF
Madison Q42019 Stats2/4/2020PDF
Rappahannock Q42019 Stats2/4/2020PDF